Whatever you need photographing….. Products, Services, Projects, People, Events, Buildings etc.,


For any reason….. Brochures, Web sites, Catalogues, Leaflets, Reference use etc.,


Then I can help.


Your photography can be undertaken in many ways, ranging from simple reference style images, to creatively produced and constructed images. It depends on your requirements, the subject matter, timescale, budget and use. I can advise you on what's best for you.


Photography can be undertaken at my studio in north London, or on location anywhere.





Covering events, media announcements, and occasions where you want to get you / your business noticed / published.


If your organisation needs coverage of an event that you need publicising, or P.R. photography for any purpose, I can attend your event:

  • at the times you require, at any time, on any day,
  • photograph the event how you want,
  • supply you with a range of photographs that perfectly show your event, the way you want.

I'll discuss exactly what you'd like to achieve with the photography, so that I can plan things and make sure I get the best possible photographs for you.


COMMERCIAL, ADVERTISING & PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY, ranging from simple packshots, to elaborately constructed and lit sets to show off your products or services at their very best.


I can work in my studio, or where needed, I can bring my studio to you.


As your photographs will be your 'Shop Window' to the world, it makes sense to show your products or services off with quality, professional photographs.

PORTRAITURE covers a very wide range of genres with as many lighting styles and set ups as well.


If it's for your business, it may be staff portraits that you need, to show your Team to your Clients, or to have them stored ready for immediate use for a Press Release.


Headshots for Actors and Models, and for those trying to enter the business are essential.


Aspiring Models will need a quality Folio, specific to the type of work they're looking for; fashion, glamour, catalogue work or anything else.


If it's for your online profile, I can supply you with the photographs you want.


I work in a very friendly, relaxed and helpful way that means even if you really don't like your photograph taken, it'll be an enjoyable experience.


Children to adults, individuals to groups, and I can even photograph pets. I don't believe in the saying "never work with animals of children." They're usually the most fun to photograph!

FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY, to showcase your food and drinks, from the ingredients and the cooking, all the way to the finished meal presented perfectly, even with the "just out of the oven steam" to tempt the viewer.


If your requirements meant that the photography is needed at your premises, and / or you want to show food preparation in a lifestyle setting (maybe including your Staff or premises then I bring my studio to you.

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